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At Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda, we are proud to have represented victims of injuries in Missouri and Illinois since 1990. Our experienced St. Louis personal injury lawyers will fight for what you deserve following an accidental injury. Below are a few of our St. Louis personal injury case results. We put our client’s priorities first and we will fight for you.

Settlement Agreements and Awards

$1.77 Million Car Accident Settlement

Mr. Dioneda represented a 21 year old passenger rendered a quadriplegic in a car crash caused by a police officer responding to a call in another county where the responding officer violated his department’s own policies.

$725,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement

Confidential settlement for negligence in medical procedure.

$1.25M Car Accident Settlement

Our client sustained a closed head injury, neck and back injuries when he was ejected from his vehicle after being rear-ended at a high rate of speed by a driver impaired on synthetic narcotics.

 $600,000 Car Accident Settlement

Passenger riding in a high-powered vehicle, which lost control and crashed, sustained injuries to her neck and back and a closed head injury resulting in a coma.

$875,000 Boating Accident Settlement

Confidential settlement in wrongful death of a boat passenger.

 $112,500 Car Accident Settlement

Construction truck made illegal turn in front of victim, causing various injuries.

$125,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement

Patient sustained permanent damage to sinuses, uncontrollable twitching of the facial muscles and sleep disorder due to dental negligence.

$565,000 Ankle Fracture Award

At trial, Mr. Dioneda secured the award for his client who was the victim of an assault.


$500,000 Scaffolding Accident Settlement

Mr. Dioneda represented an iron worker who suffered serious injuries when the worker fell off a scaffolding that failed to meet applicable safety standards


$300,000 Car Accident Settlement

Victim suffered injury to her neck, back and shoulder when a tire came off a moving school bus, striking her windshield.

$300,000 Drunk Driver Settlement

In litigation, Mr. Dioneda secured the liability coverage limits available to cover the fault of a drunk driver that caused the death of his client’s mother.


$200,000 Car Accident Settlement

Driver of vehicle struck a parked car, causing neck fractures to passenger in vehicle.

$125,000 Slip and Fall Settlement

Client suffered a fractured ankle after slipping and falling on landscape liner at hotel.

$135,000 Car Accident Settlement

Client sustained a fractured clavicle when struck by a driver who made illegal U-turn.

$95,000 Workers Comp/Car Accident Settlement

Driver was injured in an on-the-job car accident requiring dental surgery.

$100,000 Workers Compensation Settlement

Worker was injured when a towel dispenser fell on her hand, causing damage to her median nerve.

$65,000 Dog Bite Settlement

Young boy suffered injury to face requiring reconstructive surgery after he was bitten by a dog.

$70,000 Workers Compensation Award

Worker was injured on the job while working for a hospital. The Administrative Law Judge found in favor of the claimant. After her employer appealed the Decision to the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission and Court of Appeals, requested transfer to the Missouri Supreme Court and was denied. This resulted in an Affirmed Decision in favor of the injured worker.

$82,000 Workers Compensation Settlement

Claimant suffered injuries to her leg and back when she slipped and fell on the employer’s parking lot which had not been cleared following icy weather.

$200,000 Workers Compensation Settlement

Worker sustained several disc herniations while lifting heavy objects on the job, requiring back surgery.

$100,000 Car Accident/Wrongful Death Settlement

Victim was killed when a negligent driver crossed the center line.

$100,000 Workers Compensation Settlement

Worker injured foot, shoulder and low back after a slip and fall accident at work.

$185,000 Car Crash Judgment

At trial, after rejecting a $20,000.00 offer, Mr. Dioneda secured the award for his client who, as a pedestrian in a crosswalk, was struck by the defendant driver


$135,000 Car Accident Settlement

Victim sustained injury to his neck and a torn spleen after a negligent driver ran a red light


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