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Back, Knee and Shoulder Work Injury

Considering hiring a back injury lawyer?

Many industrial jobs require constant lifting. Because workers are often required to move heavy objects, putting them at risk for a shoulder, knee or back injury in the industrial workplace are common. If left unchecked, these injuries can lead to other consequences.

For example, an untreated torn ligament may lead to a torn meniscus, which can result in water on the knee. Back injuries are no better. In fact, the American Society of Physical Therapists statistics estimate that “over 80% of all American workers suffer back pain at some time during their careers.” Consulting with an experienced back injury lawyer can make a huge difference in how your claim is handled.

Why do you need a back injury lawyer?

Lower back and shoulder injuries can cause pain, numbness and tingling, or painful muscle spasms. Although not disabling, these conditions can make it difficult or even temporarily impossible to do your job. If left untended, they can also have more serious repercussions on long-term health and mobility.

What kind of benefits can a back injury lawyer get for me?


If you are hurt at work, a competent back injury lawyer will make sure your treatment, such as surgery or fusions, are paid for by your employer with no cost to you. If you miss time from


work, a back injury lawyer will get you temporary total disability benefits to help replace your lost wages. You will also be compensated for any resulting disability from your work injury.

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Back injury lawyer, Gary Kullmann, discusses how to get the most from your work comp claim.