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St. Louis wrongful death

Wrongful death generally refers to a suit brought against a person for the death of another person. The person or persons filing the claim often are close relatives of the deceased. In St. Louis wrongful death differs from criminal law in that individuals, as opposed to the state, can bring the suit. The threshold for proving guilt in a St. Louis wrongful death claim is lower than is the case for a death under criminal law. The claimant’s lawyer need not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of the wrongful death of another, but rather the claimant need only show that the quality and quantity of the evidence points to an act of wrongful death. This, along with the fact that defendants in St. Louis wrongful death cases have fewer rights to due process, cannot claim immunity or refuse to testify as they do in a criminal case.


Damages in St. Louis wrongful death cases are generally divided into 2 categories. The first category is economic damages.They are measured in money that reasonably might have been lost or may be lost in the future as a result of the St. Louis wrongful death. The second category, non-economic damages, is not so easy to measure in money. Mental anguish, bereavement and loss of companionship would be considered for non-economic damages. Missouri limits non-economic damages against certain parties, such as health care providers. Survivors may not sue to recover damages for bereavement.

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