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St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers

It’s a fact of life, car accidents will happen, even to careful drivers. National Safety Council reports more than 5 million nonfatal car accidents each year. Nearly 2 million of those result in injuries. Whether you’re in a car, pickup truck, SUV, or on a motorcycle, a serious St. Louis car accident can have long-term, or in some cases, permanent effects on your life. You may be faced with broken bones, scars, head, neck or spinal injuries and, in some cases, paralysis long beyond the initial trauma. Serious injuries often need physical therapy or counseling to rehabilitate. Damaged vehicles need to be repaired or replaced and you may need temporary transportation. And before it’s all over, you and your family will have sort through medical bills, insurance company correspondence and legal documents. To complicate matters even more, you may be out of work, either temporarily or permanently and lose income that your family relies on.

Without the help of a St. Louis car accident lawyer, the insurance company me be taking you a ride you weren’t expecting. Claims adjusters have been thoroughly trained to give as little as possible to someone suffering injury from a St. Louis car accident. If your insurance company asks for a recorded statement, you should consult with a St. Louis car accident attorney immediately. The insurance company involved in your car accident will do anything possible to deny or drag out your claim.

The St. Louis car accident lawyers at Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda, P.C. will immediately take over dealing with the insurance company and ensure you are getting the most from your policy. With over 70 years of combined experience and serving more than 7,500 clients, we have the strength, knowledge and resources to help put your life back together.

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