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Factory Injury Claims

factory injury

As consumers, we only see the final product. But the people on the lines that manufacture the products we buy are sometimesfaced with several risks of factor injury. Huge machines that run at high speeds while workers hands move in and out of hazardous locations, unsafe tools, heavy items to lift, noxious fumes, long hours standing in the same position, repetitive tasks, extreme heat, and working at heights. These are only a few of the situations factory workers may face in order to get their jobs done.

Under adverse conditions, it is inevitable that some factory injury accidents will happen. Recovery from factory injury accidents can sometimes be quick and easy. But some factory injury accidents result in serious physical damage that may require long and difficult recovery periods, job retraining, moving to a new field of work, or in extreme cases, permanent disability. When this happens, injured workers need help to get the resources to pay medical bills, retrain and support their families through the transition period.

Factory injury accidents are serious and need specialized representation.

The Missouri and Illinois workers compensation laws allow for certain benefits to those injured by a factory injury. Temporary total disability benefits, or TTD, can help cover lost wages from a factory injury. This is often not the full wage the worker earned before the factory injury. The laws differ state-to-state, therefore, it can be very beneficial to the factory injury victim to consult with a knowledgeable workers compensation lawyer.

The legal issues surrounding an injury or death that occurs on an industrial or manufacturing site can be complicated. There may be numerous factors involving location, ownership, job responsibilities and other parties involved. Our attorneys know what a factory injury can mean to you and your family.



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