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Distracted Driving Accidents

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers Take on Distracted Drivers

There is absolutely no excuse for any driver, especially truck drivers to use a cell phone while driving. Texting on the cell phone while driving causes the driver to take their eyes and their attention away from the road which often times results in devastating traffic accidents. Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTBS) has proposed a nationwide ban of cell phones and other portable electronics among drivers. This ban includes both hands-free and handheld devices.

The NTSB proposal is in response to a catastrophic crash that occurred near St. Louis in 2010 involving texting while driving that killed two young people and injured 38 additional people. Distracted driving is becoming as dangerous as drunk driving and it is the NTSB’s mission to enforce the ban throughout the country.

At Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda, P.C., our St. Louis car accident lawyers represent those who have been seriously injured by drivers using their cell phones.

Using your cell phone is considered distracted driving and all our St. Louis car accident lawyers have many years of experience handling distracted driver cases. Once your lawsuit is filed, a subpoena to can be issued to obtain the cell phone records of the driver who caused the accident. Therefore, the sooner you engage experienced St. Louis car accident lawyers to represent you, the sooner they can act to obtain and preserve critical evidence. The choice in St. Louis car accident lawyers is critical. Not all lawyers have the credentials to handle serious car accidents involving distracted drivers. Make sure to seriously consider St. Louis car accident lawyers with plenty of experience in dealing with insurance adjusters and defense counsel to ensure you are getting the most from your claim.

If you need a good team of St. Louis car accident lawyers due to someone’s negligence while using a cell phone, rely on our experienced legal team.

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