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St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys

St. Louis Personal Injury Attorneys

Have you been injured? Do you need a St. Louis personal injury attorney?

Gary Kullmann, Andrew Klein, and Steve Dioneda started Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda, P.C. in 1990 and each have approximately 30 years of experience as attorneys.

There are many reasons why Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda, P.C. is so different from any other St. Louis Personal Injury attorney. First, all of our personal injury attorneys see their cases through from beginning to end. That means the personal injury attorney you see when you first walk in the door is the personal injury attorney that will be there when the case is finished. Depending on the specific needs of your case, we have a personal injury attorney with the expertise to help.

Our fee structure is also more friendly than at most personal injury law firms. Attorneys representing personal injury victims typically handle cases on a contingent fee basis. A contingent fee means you pay the attorney a percentage of what he or she collects for you. If no money is obtained, then you do not owe a fee.

Finally, all of the personal injury attorneys at Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda, P.C. stand behind our motto: “a firm you can trust.” We stand up for our clients. We will protect your valuable individual rights. We will fight for you.

St. Louis personal injury attorneys

at Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda, P.C. can help. We specialize in all types of personal injury cases in Missouri and Illinois, including:

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Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda, P.C are the best St. Louis Personal Injury lawyers in your area. If you need our assistance contact us now!

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