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St. Louis Slip and Fall Lawyers

St. Louis slip and fall


At their simplest, St. Louis slip and fall accidents deal with the concept of premises liability. The law says that property owners must keep their property in a reasonably safe condition. If they fail to keep the property in a safe condition, at  best, they have the duty of warning you of any danger you may incur while on the property. The primary questions in St. Louis slip and fall cases deal with the dangerous condition, cause and steps taken to prevent injury.

In the Winter months, St. Louis slip and fall accidents can be common. Improperly treated sidewalks, driveways and parking lots pose a substantial risk. Businesses are required to mark places where a patron may be at risk for an injury from a slip and fall. If you have fallen in a store or business on a wet floor and did not see a sign, you may have a claim. If a property owner is found to be negligent in causing your fall, you may be entitled to monetary recovery.

St. Louis slip and fall accidents are common. You can reduce your risk of injury by knowing how to protect your body in a St. Louis slip and fall.

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