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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

St. Louis carpal tunnel lawyer, Gary Kullmann, has over 20 years of work comp experience. Before pursuing a claim, there are a few things that any St. Louis carpal tunnel lawyer wants you to know:


St. Louis carpal tunnel lawyer

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is due mainly to compression of the median nerve in the wrist area which runs from the hand to forearm and compression causes weakness, numbness, tingling and decreased grip strength. It can be difficult to form a fist and pick up small objects.
  • Not all CTS comes from tasks performed at work. A St. Louis carpal tunnel lawyer is generally familiar with what types of job tasks can cause CTS. Hand movements involved with this injury are considered cumulative trauma, or repetitive stress, which means the movements over time cause carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Certain factors such as weight, gender and general health can put you at risk for CTS. An experienced St. Louis carpal tunnel lawyer can advise you whether these and non-work related activities are causing your syndrome or if your job duties are the contributing factor. At risk workers have jobs that include assembly line work, typing, and use of power tools that expose the worker to vibration.
  • A St. Louis carpal tunnel lawyer will often need a Nerve Conduction Study report to determine if you have the syndrome. This is a painless procedure that tests the median nerve’s function.
  • Often, relief from CTS requires surgery called a Carpal Tunnel Release, which frees the median nerve from the compression.

If you are experiencing pain, numbness or tingling, you should contact a work comp lawyer as soon as possible. Call St. Louis carpal tunnel lawyer, Gary Kullmann at 1-800-536-8844 or contact us online.



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