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Construction Injury Claims

construction injuryA new home. What could be nicer? The appeal of new appliances, fresh floor coverings and fine finishes. But in the beginning, that new home is just a construction site and these sites are dangerous places where construction injury accidents frequentlyoccur.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health statistics indicates at least 17,000 workers died from construction injury suffered on the job between 1980 and 1995. In addition, the construction industry has the third highest rate of death by injury, topped only by mining and agriculture.

If a worker is killed by a construction injury, their heirs are entitled to file a workers compensation claim. The heirs or faimly of a worker killed due to construction injury may also have recourse through the civil system. In some cases, the worker’s family or heirs may be able to file claims in both systems.


Construction injury accidents require a knowledgeable lawyer.

Negligence, improper safety practices, equipment problems and human error can all contribute to construction injury accidents and deaths. Much of the work is up in the air on ladders and roofs and falls make up a significant portion of construction injury and can result in head, neck, spine and brain injuries, along with burns, cuts, fractures and others.

The workers compensation laws in Missouri and Illinois are different. If you have been affected by a construction injury, it is important to consult with an experienced lawyer to ensure you are getting the most of your benefits. In most cases, the doctor will take the worker who has been in a construction injury accident off work and they will be entitled to paid time off. This is also called TTD, or temporary total disability benefits. Although the construction injury accident victim will most likely not be paid his or her full wages.

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