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With summer and boating season finally here, this is a good time to take a minute to think about the probability of boating accidents.

Boating is a great way to get outside and enjoy the summer, but being on the water definitely has its risks. The danger of drowning is compounded when other people, large and small watercraft, and alcohol are involved.

While drowning is the leading cause of death on the water according to the US Coast Guard’s 2013 report, inattentiveness was the most common contributing factor to boating accidents.

In fact, the top three contributing factors to boating accidents were inattentiveness, improper lookout and inexperience. That should tell you something about boating accidents!

Just like when you’re in a car, paying attention at all times is the best way to avoid boating accidents. If you are constantly scanning for hazards and have a plan of action, you will be ready to react in case of boating accidents.

Some factors¬†can cause a situation to get out of control in the best of times. Alcohol is one, but there are others that appear further down the list as well, such as mechanical failure and bad weather. Even though these factors can be unpredictable, they underline the importance of taking responsibility for your boat or watercraft’s readiness to be on the water.

Lifejackets are essential to water safety. The numbers say it all: 83% of drownings last year involved people who were not wearing a lifejacket. Even if you can swim, you tire quickly in the water. Boating accidents can cause you to lose consciousness, you will be unable to keep yourself afloat. The Missouri State Highway Patrol recommends that you keep one fitting lifejacket for each person on board a boat and that children wear lifejackets at all times.

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