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A Truck Accident Can Happen in a Split Second

The biggest things on the road by far, semi trucks may often get in the way and slow things down, but they can also be a huge danger. Bad weather, a careless, distracted, poorly trained, or impaired driver, or obstructed vision can cause a truck accident. All auto crashes are serious, but a truck accident is the most detrimental. Truck accident victims often have severe injuries, requiring intense medical care, resulting in huge hospital bills.

Since we need trucks to transport so many of the goods we use every day, they will always be on the road. One of the ways other drivers can prevent a truck accident is to educate themselves about the best ways to drive with other trucks on the road. You have as much a duty as the truck driver to protect yourself from a truck accident.

truck accident

How to Avoid a Truck Accident

1. Avoid blind spots. First, it’s important to remember that trucks have huge blind spots. Even though a truck driver sits up high and uses lots of mirrors, that big trailer the driver is hauling obstructs very large areas of their vision. Driving in a semi’s blind spot is the #1 way to cause a truck accident.

2. Remember trucks have limited maneuverability. Since trucks are so large, they can’t maneuver as quickly as you can. Therefore, don’t try to make the truck driver have to watch out for you when you’re following or passing. When passing a truck, try to get around as quickly as possible so the driver has room to move over if needed. Also, don’t follow too closely as you will be unable to see any obstacles ahead and could cause a truck accident by rear-ending the truck if the driver has to brake very quickly.

3. Don’t cut trucks off. Drivers try to leave some space between their truck and the next vehicle in front of them since it can take some time for a truck to come to a stop. Cutting in front of a truck removes this safety cushion and can quickly cause a truck accident.

4. Minimize distractions and keep alert. This can be difficult during the holidays, but keeping off your cell phone, making sure you are well rested, and avoiding drinking before driving will make sure you are alert enough to be sufficiently aware of your surroundings, thus reducing your risk of a truck accident.

Take action immediately if involved in a truck accident

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