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The semi truck accident that caused a 13-hour shut down on part of I-70 on September 10, 2013, took the life of one Warrenton, MO woman. Our thoughts are with her family and friends in this terrible time.

Authorities have spoken about what caused the pile-up. It has been determined that the first car to wreck causing the Warrenton semi truck accident was driven by a 20 year old who had difficulty maintaining control of her vehicle in a torrential downpour.

Missouri State Highway Patrol reports the driver of the first car lost control and caused a chain reaction of carnage. After hitting another car and crashing into a concrete wall, a semi truck jack-knifed and broke through the wire median striking and killing the victim. This caused 3-4 more car accidents and 3 more semi truck accidents. 8 were injured in addition to the death.

Would additional training have prevented this semi truck accident?

semi truck accident

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This semi truck accident has sparked new debates over proper driver training in the initial licensing process. Many young drivers are trained by their parents or guardians as opposed to professional driver trainers. In earlier days, Drivers Education was an important part of the education process. Prospective drivers were educated and tested on the rules of the road and prepared for the license test by driving with an instructor who had equal control of the vehicle they were driving.

The NTSB reports car accidents as the Number 1 killer of teenage/young adult drivers. Is it coincidental that there have been widespread decreases in Drivers Education course offerings in schools recently? Many are asking that question after this horrific semi truck accident. It is clear that young drivers are at risk of death by car accident. This new trend may be changed with increases in driver preparedness and training.

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