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Work Injury in the Age of Robots

We’re living in such odd times that one common science fiction trope after another is starting to look like a real possibility. This time the reality has already been here for a couple of decades: killer robots.

These robots aren’t super-strong sentient machines like the Terminator, but rather industrial robots that build cars, speed up manufacturing, and perform all kinds of tasks. They are built equipped with several censors that are supposed to read when humans are near. With an increase in censors, there can often be an increase in technological issues. Unfortunately for workers who must repair or work alongside these machines, they are not always completely reliable and can malfunction, causing work injury. Over the years, these malfunctions have resulted in serious work injury and even death.

Few of us want to think about a future with dangerous robots, but in this case the sci-fi is all too real. If you or a loved one have sustained a work injury, you need a lawyer. Our Missouri and Illinois workers’ compensation attorneys have the experience that matters when it comes to negotiating with employers and insurance companies for your work injury.

The legal world can be daunting to a person dealing with a work injury. To ensure you are not taken advantage of by your employer in the event of a work injury, you should consult with an lawyer. Contact the St. Louis workers’ compensation attorneys at Kullmann, Klein, & Dioneda, P.C. for a free consultation today by calling 1-800-536-8844 or by filling out our simple online form.

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