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wrongful death settlementAfter litigating a wrongful death lawsuit, a settlement has been reached with the family of Lt. Bruce Britt against the University of Missouri Board of Curators. The sum of the wrongful death settlement is confidential.

Lt. Bruce Britt was killed in February 2014 when he was responding to a call for a roof collapse of the University Village apartments owned by MU. The walkway that Britt was standing on partially collapsed, causing his wrongful death.

Britt’s wife, Leigh Britt Kottwitz filed the wrongful death lawsuit the following March and claimed that his death was caused by negligence of MU Board of Curators. MU attorneys first denied liability in the case.

Gross Negligence in Wrongful Death Claim

The wrongful death lawsuit was likely successful due to documents that were found and dated from 2008 recommending the university should demolish the apartment complex by 2011. The plan’s notes documented significant termite damage in some of the wooden floors found in the building. Further investigation in the wrongful death revealed the balcony that Britt was on when it collapsed was structurally unsound. The wrongful death settlement was delayed due to arguments about reimbursing the workers’ compensation carrier for amounts paid out prior to the Britt’s filing of a negligence claim.

A report by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health also found that miscommunication played a part in the wrongful death of Lt. Britt. University Village Apartments have been demolished after this tragedy.

Wrongful Death Settlement Reached

Lt. Britt was a 23-year veteran working for the Columbia Fire Department. He also was the father of a daughter. A portion of the wrongful death settlement would be put in an annuity for his daughter to help with her living expenses.

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