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The polls are in. 2015’s most dangerous Halloween costume is the “Invisible” body suit. The costume is being touted as the most dangerous Halloween costume for several reasons.

dangerous Halloween costume

Most Dangerous Halloween Costume 2015

This suit is a dangerous Halloween costume because you cannot see well and drivers cannot see you while wearing it. The mask is made of black mesh. When wearing this dangerous Halloween costume, your sight is severely inhibited. At night, your eyesight is already limited. If your child wears this bodysuit, they could trip and fall on unseen hazards or could unwittingly walk into the path of oncoming traffic.

Children are already 2 times more likely to be struck by a vehicle on Halloween night. In this dangerous Halloween costume, your child could be a sitting duck for oncoming traffic. The maker prides itself on making you “invisible” in this costume. They warn of the limited vision while wearing on their packaging. They do not, however, warn you that others will not be able to see you while wearing the dangerous Halloween costume.

The Today Show reported about the hazards you could encounter while wearing this suit. They noted that children are often trick-or-treating during dusk and after dark. This dangerous Halloween costume will make it highly unlikely that a driver will see your child while walking on the shoulder or crossing the street. Safety experts also noted that children under the age of 10 have no understanding of speed and distance. This aspect can cause your otherwise cautious child to be put in the path of unnecessary danger.

Although this is being called the most dangerous Halloween costume, we don’t want to tell you that your child should not wear the invisible body suit. Rather, we would like to offer some tips on how to wear the costume safely:

Staying safe in the most dangerous Halloween costume of 2015

  1. Equip your child with glow sticks, glow bracelets or battery operated LED lights to increase visibility
  2. Make sure the costume wearer is using a flashlight
  3. Purchase reflective tape and affix the tape to various parts of the costume so vehicles can see your child
  4. Use a glow in the dark or lighted treat bag

You and your family can have an enjoyable Halloween night if you follow our advice on wearing the most dangerous Halloween costume of 2015!

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