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Most of us know by now that distracted driving is extremely risky behavior. Despite this fact, there are many who are texting, using Facebook, or tweeting behind the wheel. With the barrage of apps that are literally at our fingertips, it can be difficult to resist the urge to use your smart phone while driving. The makers of Snapchat are learning a tough lesson on app safety in light of the fact it has been named as a defendant in recent personal injury lawsuit filings.

For those who are not regular Snapchat users, the app features a filter that clocks your speed while using the app. In the recent personal injury lawsuits, Snapchat makers are being accused of disregarding public safety by allowing the app to use GPS to determine a user’s speed. This has resulted in many personal injury claims, as users claim they were injured while using the speed filter in Snapchat behind the wheel.

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Why is Snapchat the target for personal injury lawsuits?


Personal injury lawyers across the nation have begun filing claims against Snapchat for injuries caused while using the app. The ultimate reason why the app is being targeted is that large corporations generally carry higher limits for liability insurance considering they have major exposure if they’re sued and found to be negligent. In the recent personal injury filings, lawyers have alleged that Snapchat is negligent in these personal injury claims because their speed feature encourages users to use Snapchat while driving.

Since these cases are currently pending in several state courts, we will not know the outcome for months, even years down the road. The personal injury claims have sent a clear message to Snapchat, however. The app now features a warning message when you use the speed filter while moving that tells you it’s dangerous to use Snapchat while driving.

This message may absolve the app’s makers of some future personal injury liability, but only time will tell whetherthat message is strong enough to keep them from having to pay out for personal injury claims.


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