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Don’t Let Personal Injury Ruin Your Holiday!

Independence day is one of the most beloved holidays for families in the personal injury fireworksU.S. With fireworks come great risk of burn injury and other personal injury. In order to keep you and your loved ones safe this 4th of July, St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda want to share with you some safety tips to follow when participating in lighting fireworks.

Let the Pros do the Work!

  • Protecting your family around fireworks can be as simple as just letting the trained professionals do all of the lighting.
  • Planning on lighting fireworks yourself? Make sure the types are legal in the state you reside in. The laws are drastically different between Missouri and Illinois. Knowledge is the first step in being cautious with flammables!

Watch out for Sparklers!

  • A child’s extremities are not long or strong enough to control an open flame. Sparklers can reach temps of up to 1,200 degrees, turning your little one into an unpredictable scalding iron. A great, safe alternative to sparklers are glow sticks. Dollar stores commonly carry several styles, colors and shapes.
  • Any time a child does use sparklers, prevent personal injury by closely supervising and keeping all children spaced apart by a safe distance to prevent burn injury. Also, make sure to provide a bucket of water to place any hot sticks in.

Be Prepared!

  • Be sure to wear well fitting clothing to prevent burn injury
  • Fireworks should never be lit indoors or nearby dry vegetation
  • When lighting fireworks, make certain they are pointed away from buildings, trees, grass and any other potentially flammable substances.

Accidents happen. Are you ready?

  • Keep all observers a safe distance away from any lit fireworks. If a device does not activate correctly, DO NOT INVESTIGATE! Pour water on it and dispose of it safely.
  • Keep buckets of water or a hose nearby and available. Fire extinguishers are also extremely handy for preventing personal injury with defective fireworks.
  • If a burn injury occurs, go see a physician immediately! In an instance of an eye injury, do not rub or touch it. More damage to the eye could occur.

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