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fall accident personal injury attorney st louis

Recently, a man in Granite City, IL received a $700,000 settlement resulting from a fall off an apartment balcony. The railing he was leaning against on the second-floor balcony gave way, causing the man to fall 30 feet to the ground. After seeking medical treatment, he contacted a personal injury attorney in nearby St. Louis.

As you can imagine, a fall accident like this can be extremely dangerous and can result in serious injuries. Even a fall accident from 30 feet can cause internal bleeding, broken bones, and even brain damage, as was the case with this man. A fall accident like this can keep someone out of work for a long time, and even prevent that person from working again in the future.

In this case, the man suffered spinal fractures, skull fractures, brain bleeding, a broken kneecap, and even a broken wrist resulting from a later accident in the hospital. Even though the man eventually recovered, he is still unable to work, and his fall accident attorneys argued convincingly that these injuries could be serious enough to keep him out of work permanently.

If you are unable to work because of a fall accident like this, it’s extremely important that you get just compensation. When you contact a personal injury attorney, work on your case can start immediately.

What will a fall accident attorney do for me?

After a lawsuit is filed—whether it’s as a result of a fall accident, a workplace accident, a dog bite, or any other kind of injury where someone else may be liable—your attorney will make sure every aspect of the case is properly taken care of. Then when it is time to argue your case, everything will be in order and your lawyer will have plenty of evidence to work with while making their argument for you.

This kind of dedication and personal attention is what makes the choice of a good personal injury attorney so crucial. Without the proper experience, expertise, and desire to fight for you, it’s unlikely that you will get a settlement or judgment that you deserve.

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