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Labor Day 2015 and the unofficial end of summer are quickly approaching. This September 4th through 6th many of you will be celebrating Labor Day weekend with cook-outs, boating, and possibly, a few adult beverages. Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers want you to have a safe holiday by using these tips:

Buckle up, windshields hurt

Labor Day weekend 2014 saw 910 traffic crashes in the State of Missouri. Of those 910 crashes, 6 people were killed and 369 people were seriously injured in car crashes. 94 people were also arrested for driving while intoxicated last Labor Day weekend. Several people killed in the car crashes were ejected from the vehicle, which could have been prevented if they had been buckled up. It’s easy to avoid a car crash if you stay attentive and avoid driving while impaired.

Water safety is key during the Labor Day Weekend

Troopers urge boaters to use their flotation devices while on Missouri waters this Labor Day weekend. In 2014, there were 13 boat crashes over Labor Day weekend and 5 people were seriously injured. Inattentive boating and boating while impaired were the sole causes of the crashes in 2014. It’s important to recall that boats don’t stop as quickly as automobiles. If you are operating a water vessel, make sure you give yourself plenty of space when encountering another vessel or water hazard. Also, keep a watchful eye for swimmers and¬†people tubing or water-skiing. The traffic on local Missouri waterways will be teeming with other people looking for fun in the sun. Make sure you all have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.

Drive sober or get pulled over

Patrols will be up during the 2015 Labor Day weekend. Police will be more heavily patrolling all local highways and recreational areas. If you are planning on driving, make sure to stay sober. Alcohol-related crashes on roads and waterways are one of the leading causes of death and serious injury on Labor Day. Be sure to designated a sober driver and sober boat captain before getting out and about this weekend.

Most importantly, enjoy your Labor Day Weekend! Labor Day Weekend