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car accident lawyerCar accidents can be a major eventĀ in a person’s life. The experience will often leave you confused, hurting and wondering why it happened. Many people involved in car accidents do not know that hiring a car accident lawyer can greatly improve the experience. Insurance companies will often contact the injured party immediately and try to begin negotiations with the person injured directly. This is often a huge mistake, as any car accident lawyer would tell you.

To make sure you are not taken for a ride by the insurance company, we will discuss when you should hire a car accident lawyer.

Should you hire a car accident lawyer?

This first question to ask in determining whether you should hire a car accident lawyer is, “Am I hurt?”

Most victims of personal injury in a car accident who are seriously injured will know immediately after the dust settles. Someone experiences extreme pain and/or fractured bones and knows immediately they are hurt and need to seek counsel.

However, people who are moderately injured in a car accident may not realize the extent of their injury until a few days or weeks after the crash. Rotator cuff tears, bulging discs, and tendon injuries may not cause pain immediately after the accident, but begin aching after the shock and adrenaline wears off. It is a good idea to be seen by your doctor or a hospital emergency department after a car accident to ensure you do not have any injury that has not yet become symptomatic.

The second question to ask before deciding to hire a car accident lawyer is, “Did I miss work?”

If you are injured in a car accident and must miss work as a result, you are entitled to lost wages. Many insurance adjusters will not compensate you for your lost wages unless a car accident lawyer is representing you. Insurance companies will often take advantage of an unrepresented car accident victim by failing to offer them the benefits they are entitled to. A car accident lawyer will ensure you do not miss out on any owed benefits.

What else can a car accident lawyer do for me?

Following an accident, a car accident lawyer can assist you in collecting your medical payments coverage (aka med pay) or rental reimbursement. Some car accident lawyers will assist you in negotiating your property damage, as well, while others will strictly represent you for your injuries. A car accident lawyer can also help you in filing a claim against your uninsured motorist or under insured motorist provision if there is not enough coverage available to to you by the at-fault driver’s policy.

In short, hiring a car accident lawyer is an important decision and should be made while you are level-headed. If you need assistance in determining whether you should hire a car accident lawyer, call our office today at 314-862-7222 to discuss your legal rights.