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Popular Travel Chain Involved in Yet Another Bus Crash

A MegaBus headed to Chicago was involved in a bus crash that caused the vehicle to flip and landed on its side. There were several passengers on board. Dozens of people riding were injured in the bus crash. Passengers were evacuated through the roof of the bus since the door was unusable.

MegaBus is a popular travel service which has low fares for routes to cities such as:  St. Louis, Chicago and Atlanta. With rates as low as $1 plus fees and taxes, this service has become a favorite among vacationers and business travelers. Although the fare is as low as $1, safety concerns may outweigh the convenience of such a low cost.

This incident is just one of several incidents involving a bus crash. The MegaBus is a double-decker charter bus. The vehicle mimics the double-decker buses you may have seen on TV. Although, the handling on these buses is somewhat restricted due to size.

It does not take much error on the driver’s part to be involved in a bus crash.

Credit: Wikimedia/Fletcher

Credit: Wikimedia/Fletcher

There were 32 passengers injured and 1 passenger was killed when a MegaBus blew a tire on Highway 55 near St. Louis, Missouri in 2012. The bus crash closed down the highway for several hours while over 30 ambulances tended to the bus crash victims. Some were critically injured and some had minor injuries, but the mental trauma from seeing so much carnage must be unforgettable.

Prior to the 2012 bus crash, 4 were killed and dozens of others were injured when a MegaBus was involved in a crash in Syracuse, New York in 2010. The bus was en route to Canada when a driver mistakenly drove under a low bridge. The top of the bus hit the bridge with an incredible amount of force. Some of the most popular seats on the bus are the ones positioned above the driver with a massive windshield to look out of. The horror the bus crash victims felt as they inched closer and closer to the bridge must have been unbearable.

Although MegaBus claims safety is their number one priority, this trend of bus crash incidents shows their drivers may not be equipped to handle a vehicle of this size and magnitude. Increased following distances must be adhered to as well as great focus on reading and comprehending signs to ensure the passengers are safe.

No commute on a highway driving 60+ miles per hour is completely devoid of danger. However, passengers should be handled with the greatest degree of care regardless of the price of the bus ticket. Increases in driver training may help this cause, as well as MegaBus’ executives recognizing there is a greater risk and addressing this issue.

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