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Car accidents are a scary thing. Many people who have never been in a wreck are unfamiliar with the way the insurance industry processes auto accident claims. Many adjusters are highly trained to find reasons to deny motorists claims. Often times, medical treatment is downplayed and monitored to attempt to keep medical treatment conservative, in turn saving the insurance company money.

At Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda, we have been representing St. Louis car accident victims for over 20 years. We will review your policy and the policy of the other driver to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefits from the policy. If you are owed medical payments, we get them for you. If your health insurance is not entitled to subrogation, we will ensure they do not try to collect.

Read more about what to do after the car crash so that you can prevent an insurance adjuster from taking you on a wild goose chase. Attorney Steve Dioneda discusses the steps to take after you have been in an auto accident.

What To Do After The Crash

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