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pedestrian hit by carA self-driving Uber struck and killed a pedestrian while transporting a customer. Since the release of Tesla’s motor vehicles which feature a self-driving option, many luxury and high-end vehicle manufacturers have begun adding this option to their cars. There are many concerned with the use of the new technology in light of the fact that there has been very little testing of the new feature on the roads.

Pedestrian Struck by Driver-less Car

Uber’s vehicle was in test mode when while using it’s autonomous mode, fatally struck a pedestrian in Tempe, AZ. There was a driver present at the wheel for safety measure, but the pedestrian struck and killed, Elaine Herzberg, was unable to get out of harm’s way. The liability for the accident could certainly be the part of Uber.

Since the pedestrian was struck and killed, Uber has suspended its testing until further notice. The self-driving Uber vehicles were present in Toronto, San Francisco, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Tempe before this tragedy.

Who is legally responsible when a pedestrian is struck by a self-driving car?

It’s possible that Uber and the person “driving” the vehicle will be responsible for recovery of the pedestrian’s claim. The safety driver is open to legal ramifications because he failed to intervene when conditions became dangerous for the pedestrian. Uber could also face civil liability, as well as the possibility of facing criminal proceedings once the details of how the accident occurred are clear.

Many argue that self-driving cars are more safe than cars driven by inattentive drivers. Additionally, pedestrians struck by cars are more common now due to pedestrians also walking and crossing streets without being attentive.

Any time a pedestrian is struck by a car and injured or killed, the accident must be investigated closely to ensure that public safety is not at risk. If you believe you were injured due to the negligence of another, call our office today at 314-862-7222 to discuss your legal rights.