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It’s that time of year… Lights are lit, stockings are hung, and everyone is busy rushing around to gather their final gift purchases. At some point this week, you’ll be sure to see National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation playing on TV. It’s a yearly tradition for many festive folks to watch this silly comedy and celebrate the season.

As personal injury attorneys, safety is always on our minds. When watching this movie recently, it was hard to get through it without thinking about all of the personal injury risks Clark takes in the movie. Let us take you through Clark Griswold’s personal injury nightmare!

Car Crash

1a - car crash

Seems as though Clark could use some winter safe driving tips. Remember, road rage is not in the spirit of Christmas!

Back and Neck Injury

1 - tree

Clark and family find the perfect tree, but he forgets to bring a saw. Uprooting the tree is the chosen method of removal. Be careful mimicking this action, you could end up with a really sore back and neck!

2 - tree thumbs up

Don’t forget to check that tree for size before bringing it into the house. You don’t want to end up smacking your family in the face with O Christmas tree’s lovely branches.

Electrocution Injury

3 - electrocution

Covering your home with 25,000 twinkle lights might be a bad idea if they aren’t installed properly. Electrocution could happen and cause major personal injury. Leave the elaborate light displays to the professionals!

Dog Bite

dog bit

Remember that if you have animals in your home that are prone to bad behavior, keep them locked up! We have a feeling Margo is itching to make a claim against Clark’s homeowner’s policy.

Friendly Fire

4 - friendly fire

Being related to Clark could be dangerous to your health. Watch out for crazy uncles kidnapping your boss. Otherwise you might get hit by friendly fire when the SWAT team arrives.

Don’t Get Burnt

Uncle Louis

Make sure you water your natural tree regularly. Uncle Louis can be very careless with his cigars.

You can rest assured that Kullmann, Klein & Dioneda are here for you if you have a National Lampoon’s-like Christmas this year. We hope you and your loved ones have a happy and safe holiday!