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There is a reason New Years Eve is called amateur night: it’s an evening where millions of people who don’t regularly drink gather in bars and parties to let lose in a celebration of the coming and passing years. And while that is fun, it can also be dangerous and it’s necessary to take extra precautions to prevent injury.

Preventing Injury on the Roadsinjury

For travelers: of course, the number one rule of the night for anyone moving around is to never drink and drive—if you have a friend who doesn’t drink alcohol, ask them to be your designated driver. Otherwise, call a cab or prepare for someone in your group to commit to DD-ing themselves. On top of this, always use seat belts and make sure you are knowledgeable on how to avoid injury while driving in winter weather.

If you’re hosting an event, a clever idea to steer your guests clear from any nasty injury is to contact a local cab company and book them to arrange rides for friends after their night is over. Also, keep anyone who appears to be intoxicated from getting behind the wheel; and be prepared to have to let him or her stay the night if there is no safe way for them to leave without getting into accident or injury.

Alcohol can lower our inhibitions and lead to some serious injury. Pace your drinking to avoid alcohol poisoning and stay hydrated by alternating alcoholic drinks with water, juice or soda (hosts: be sure to offer non-alcoholic beverages). While alcohol enters the bloodstream quickly, high-carb and fatty foods can slow the absorption of it—so don’t drink on an empty stomach unless you want to end your night early in a sick and dizzy injury.

As always, awareness and common sense are key to preventing injury and sustaining an unforgettable night. So be sure to take precautions, and have an positively unforgettable New Years.


Following these simple tips can help you prevent injury. We’ll see you in 2015!