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Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween is an exciting time of year for little ghouls and boys. If you plan on handing out candy this year, you can avoid a premises liability claim by ensuring your walkway and yard are free of tripping hazards. It’s also a good idea to use proper lighting so that trick-or-treaters can traverse your porch and yard safely.

Before Halloween is near, make sure to practice your home phone number, cell phone number, and address with your child in the case that you would get separated. It’s also a good idea to teach your young ones how to call 911 in case of an emergency and you are incapacitated.

Also rehearse what we call “stranger danger,” and teach children to yell “NO!” as loudly as possible and to run and scream if anyone they don’t know approaches them and tries to get them to go somewhere without your knowledge. It’s a good idea to teach them to do anything necessary to get away from a would-be abductor, including yelling, kicking, hitting, biting and scratching. Make sure you accompany your child while trick-or-treating on Halloween, or ensure they are with responsible guardians. Also explain how important it is not to enter another person’s home while out and to avoid approaching any vehicle, occupied or not, without you present.

Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers want to make sure the kiddos have an enjoyable Halloween. You can help them do so by following these simple tips:

☠  Examine candy for foreign objects or tampering before your child eats any candy

☢  Make sure jack-o-lanterns are a safe distance away from brush and pathways where costumes may accidentally drape over them

⚠ All costumes should be trimmed in length if they’re dragging the ground. Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common on Halloween

☣  Children are 50% more likely to be hit by a car on Halloween. Make sure to discuss pedestrian safety with your kids before going out alone

☠  Masks can inhibit vision severely. Try on your child’s mask before going out to ensure they can safely cross the street and navigate steps

☢  Have a flashlight handy for your trick-or-treater – this increases their visibility and helps cars see them in or near the roadway

⚠ Many costume props are made hastily and on a budget. Make sure all props are safe to use by small children

☣  Your child should wear safe, well-fitting shoes. Since slip and fall injuries are so great on Halloween, never use hand me down shoes that do not fit properly

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