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Pedestrians struck by cars are becoming more prevalent in St. Louis and surrounding areas due to the high number of Stroads in our area.

Why do Stroads have more pedestrians struck by cars?

A Stroad is the combination of a street and a road. Pedestrians are more likely to be struck by a car on a Stroad because the primary priority for a Stroad is to get vehicles from Point A to Point B. Stroads are wide, with many lanes of traffic, and a moderate speed limit.

pedestrian struck by car

More pedestrians are struck by cars on STL Stroads than in any other county in the entire state.

Stroads in our area with the highest number of pedestrians struck by cars are:

  • Grand Avenue (21 fatalities)
  • Broadway & Riverview (11 fatalities)
  • Natural Bridge Avenue (10 fatalities)

Stroads in the area have contributed to 78 fatalities over the past decade. Pedestrians are often struck by cars on a Stroad because they are crossing to get to or from a bus stop. Stroads are good routes for public transportation since they allow for a quicker route and can make stops at more locations since they can commute more quickly.

Pedestrians struck by cars after exiting a bus often fail to use cross walks. Bus stops are not often at an intersection, and often stop where traffic is moving very quickly on a Stroad. Pedestrians fail to realize how quickly drivers are traveling and how wide the Stroad is, resulting in pedestrian injury or death. Speeding and inattentive drivers only heighten this danger.

There are more pedestrian deaths in Missouri than in any of the neighboring states except Oklahoma. Missouri ranks 20th for pedestrian fatalities according to the Governors highway Safety Association. 38 of those pedestrians struck by cars were younger than 10 years old. 31 pedestrians struck by cars were older than 80 years old.

Pedestrians struck by cars have relief with KKDPC

Our law firm specializes in representing pedestrians struck by cars. We understand that when pedestrians are struck by cars, they have serious, often life-threatening injuries. We will take extra care to make sure that you recover the maximum compensation for your injury. We also will fight hard for any pedestrians struck by cars who were uninsured motorists. Our firm will confirm whether you can make an uninsured motorist or under insured motorist claim. We will also make sure that you are able to collect any medical payments that are owed to you.

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