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The Lincoln County car crash that claimed the lives of 3, including a young father and his 1 year old son, has residents of the petitioning for road improvements to Highway 47 where the crash occurred. Destiny Mantia, wife and mother of the deceased, was gravely injured in the car crash and has since spoken out about needed improvements to the highway where the car crash occurred.

Highway 47 between Troy and Hawk Point, Missouri is a two-lane stretch of road which is the main thoroughfare for residents traveling from Hawk Point to Troy. There are few alternate routes forcing a majority of drivers to take this route. Many have been involved in a car crash on this stretch in previous years. The car crash involving the Mantias occurred when another driver crossed the center line on a curve and struck the family’s van head on. The driver of the other vehicle was also killed in the car crash.

Would road improvements prevent others from being involved in a car crash?

Many residents of Lincoln County are calling for the roads to be straightened and shoulders to be put in place to prevent further car crash fatalities. Nearly 3,000 people have signed the petition started after this fatal car crash begging for the state to make improvements to this stretch of Highway 47.

In the meantime, drivers traveling this road can decrease the chance of being involved in a car crash by following the speed limit and paying attention to the road. Distracted driving is the #1 killer of young adults and teens, and this case is no different. Maintaining a constant lookout, following posted speed limits and driving defensively can greatly reduce the chance of you being involved in a car crash.

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